Password Security Measures

Passwords have been around since the dawn of the computer age and they remain the primary means of protecting online accounts and personal information. As the number of online transactions and data breaches continue to increase, it is more important than ever to choose and use strong passwords. A strong password is a combination of …

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National Computer Security Day

Held annually every 30th of November is the National Computer Security Day. A celebration that began in 1988 at a time that computers were becoming commonplace. This Day was created to raise awareness about cyber security issues and ways to keep all electronic devices and data protected from potential threats. Today, the internet and computers …

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World Password Day

Observed every first Thursday of May each year. Security expert Mark Burnett in his book, Perfect Passwords first recommended World Password Day. In 2013, Intel Security officially recommended that every first Thursday in May be designated as World Password Day. It is a day that’s set aside to remind us that we need to do …

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