MicroStrategy’s X account hacked as users lose $440,000

MicroStrategy Inc., renowned for its significant Bitcoin holdings, recently fell victim to a phishing attack, resulting in unsuspecting users losing approximately $440,000.

Bloomberg reported that the breach occurred on a Monday in Asia and was orchestrated by a skilled attacker who strategically placed and subsequently deleted a deceptive post on MicroStrategy’s X page. The post allegedly promoted a new digital coin endorsed by the company, redirecting interested users to an external website in a classic phishing exploit.

PeckShield, a leading security firm, detected the severity of the situation, issuing warnings that MicroStrategy’s X account had been compromised. Further investigations by crypto sleuth ZachXBT revealed that the hacker successfully extracted approximately $440,000 from unsuspecting victims who had fallen victim to the fraudulent scheme.

Despite the urgency of the matter, MicroStrategy maintained a noticeable silence, refraining from immediate commentary on the security lapse, leaving users and industry observers in suspense regarding the company’s response.

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