Facebook Data of 533 Million Users Leaked Online for Free

Sensitive personal information of over half a billion Facebook users was leaked on a hacking forum earlier on Saturday.

This information was first discovered by chief technology officer of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, Alon Gal who posted on Twitter about the leak.

According to Gal, the leak is related to a security breach first discovered in 2019. Which Facebook found and fixed in august 2019. However, once out, the company has limited power to stop the information from spreading online.

With that large volume of information in the wide that covers phone number, Facebook ID, full name, location, past locations, birthdate, email address, relationship status, and bio, hackers and bad actors will have opportunities to carry out a different form of social engineering attacks.

This pose a potential risk to millions of Cryptocurrency traders and hodlers who may be vulnerable to sim swapping and other identity-based attacks.

Such data leaks threaten to undermine Facebook’s business model of gathering a large amount of personal information and using that to sell targeted ads.

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